Surface Mining technology Hazards

I have been working in the surface mining technology business since 1989. My excursion has been an intriguing one and it’s difficult to accept that I am presently in my third decade in this surface mining technology business! Does this make me a “Shrewd Woman”? Do I know everything? Am I a Safety Guru? (I might want to think so!) A wellbeing champion? I have the chuckling lines that show I have had an incredible excursion across three landmasses.


I absolutely don’t feel astute however I feel that I have ventured to every part of the distance and come out the opposite side in one piece! I have lost a couple of associates in that time from mishaps in the pit and have come to understand that a portion of the dangers we talk about grinding away are extremely controlled at this point there are different things happening that don’t get a notice.

Surface mining technology center on Drug and Alcohol arrangements

Behavior: This is at the first spot on my list of perils. How would we control individuals’ practices? We talk about weariness and how we can oversee it. We center on Drug and Alcohol arrangements and techniques. Our long stretches of work are follow.

Surface Mining technology Hazards

So what am I worry about? It’s the Truck Driver that gets a call after supper when he is back in his Donga saying “It’s over! Try not to get back home I have discovered another person” The following morning the Truck Driver gets up, gathers his morning meal and goes to work. He bounces on his truck and heads out in the Pit driving a 240T Dump Truck. Is his brain at work? Or on the other hand would he say he is a liability? What do you think?


Next we have the “gung ho” disposition of individuals. We even have enormous organizations saying, “Simply complete it” regardless of how you do it. We have individuals who pursue faster routes – why? It is straightforward – its people do. Do I have any answers on the controls? Well I recommend our Supervisors out there are give preparing and backing around here. It is a gigantic issue in the surface mining technology business and it’s not simply in Australia. The practices I went over when chipping away at the Mines in South Africa were comparable.

Surface mining technology Communication

Communication: How would we impart our changes? Or then again impart how we need the task finished? Do both the Sender and Receiver comprehend the genuine significance of the message?


Things change without a moment’s notice inside the surface mining technology game both on surface and underground. Conditions change, gear development change, shift changes. The rundown is interminable. I presently can’t seem to go over an organization that has a strong change the executive’s framework that works for the entire association. Normally it is simply pockets of information. Is that since information is power?


Vehicle Interactions: All of us sooner or later are either working apparatus or going in organization vehicles throughout our shift. There are a couple of various perils consolidat into this one. Single vehicle mishaps, LV versus LV and SME versus SME. The perils around vehicles are perpetual. How would you realize that your excursion will be unremarkable? Are the street conditions great? Is everybody completely prepare on the gear? Are others out there alert and focusing on the undertaking of driving? Recall an individual can just zero in on 7 +-9 lumps of data at any one time. It is safe to say that they are zeroing in on the piece of keeping away from you or would they say they are zeroing in on other stuff?

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