Diamond mines and mining techniques

To this day, diamonds mining technique remain a mysterious gem with a somewhat checkered past. The history of the Hope diamond is based on a long legend of accidents that supposedly strike its diverse and colorful owners. The segregation and mistreatment of blacks in. The African diamond mines has long been a terrible mark on humanity in that part of the world. Although the early white miners were treate better. The working conditions enjoyed by all diamond mining technique were less than humane. Fortunately, most of today’s mines, while still dependent on human labor, do most of the heavy lifting with machines. info technology hub


Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are mining technique in areas other than Africa. Some of the best known diamond mines are these.

Diamond mines and mining techniques

Diamond mines and mining technique

* Argye, one of Rio Tinto’s corporate mines, is located in Western Australia.

* Diavik, another Rio Tinto mine, is located in Canada.

*Ekati is own by BHP Billiton and is locate in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

* The hill owned by Trans Hexis is located in South Africa.

* Merlin, owned by Striker Resources, is located in Australia

* Orapa, owned by a partnership between DeBeers and the Botswana government, is located in Botswana.


* Premier, owned by De Beers Company, is located in South Africa.

Diamond ore is extracte from mining technique

Diamond ore is extracte from these mines using basically four extraction techniques base on.

Marine mining is the latest development introduce around 1990. This technique is similar to deep water drilling for oil. A large well is drill into the seabe to a depth. Where the diamond soil is locate and the material is sucke to the surface. Additionally, underwater vehicles called “trackers” move along the ocean floor to collect diamond gravel and pump it to the surface.


Place Diamond Mining is a technique that is see many times in Old West movies. The diamonds are burie on the banks of rivers or on the slopes of mountains. And water cannons are use to wash the material to be treate.

Diamond mining technique is once again known to movie

Hard Rock Diamond Mining is once again known to movie fans as they saw coal mining technique or gold and silver miners dig themselves deep underground tunnels. Of course, the technique is modern now and uses many specialized machines to do the heavy lifting.


Open pit diamond mining technique is similar to open pit coal mines in West Virginia and some western states. Surcharge, which is the soil covering the diamond encrusted material, is moved by machinery and blasting. The diamond-containing material is then move to processing plants. This technique is common when the diamond material is near. The surface if the geology is so unstable that tunneling is not safe or practical.


From this short article, it should be clear that diamonds take long. And interesting journeys before finding a precious place on the fingers or in the ears.

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