The importance of Surface mining techniques mining

The rapid growth in the use of the earth’s natural resources raises questions on several fronts. The most important of which are Surface mining techniques the quality of life and the actions necessary to prevent irreversible damage. According to a 2009 report by the Sustainable Europe Research Institute, the amount of natural resources [renewable and non-renewable] extracted from the ground for the production of goods info technology hub

Services by the beginning of the 20th century was around 60 billion tonnes per year, average of approx. 25 kg pr. citizen per. day. However, there are large differences in the extraction and consumption of natural resources by region in the world. There is concern that citizens in developed countries use more natural resources [up to four times] than in some developing countries.

Surface mining techniques mining relevance of mining to the modern

The relevance of mining to the modern lifestyle is evident from the fact that the source of approx. 20% of the natural resources are the global mining sector. The main products include fossil fuels, metallic and non-metallic minerals as well as building materials and fertilizers. It can be assume that as the world economy grows, the demand for natural resources will only increase. The demand for extracte products is said to be growing for two reasons: the growing world population. And the growing expectations for a higher standard of living around the world. Currently, soil is the only source of mineral and fossil energy resources, and mining is the only way to reach them.

The importance of Surface mining techniques mining

Mining production is often expresse in the form of underground and surface treatment segments. And the metal and non-metal and coal sectors. Data from Atlas Topco’s mining brochure, summarize here in Table 2, show that mining is associate with large amounts of waste production. The extraction of about 12 billion tons of ore is associated with the extraction of about 19 billion tons of waste [more than 12 kg per. Day pr. Citizen]. In recent years, the coal sector has accounte for about 6 billion tonnes of coal production with an associate waste production of about 8 billion tonnes.

Surface mining techniques mining More than 80% of the metal / non-metal sector

The metallic / non-metallic sector has an annual production of approx. 5.6 billion tonnes of ore and approx. 14.4 billion tons of waste. More than 80% of the metal / non-metal sector mineral production. And 50% of coal production are carry out using Surface mining techniques mining methods. More than 80% of all material handled in mining is superficial methods. At least in the foreseeable future, Surface mining techniques mining would be the main source of most mining products.

In terms of phosphate, the subject of this symposium, phosphate mining operates an important role in meeting the needs of one of the major challenges facing the world population. Maintaining the productivity of the food system. In fact, the agricultural industry and the phosphate industry are inextricably linke. Extraction and processing of phosphates affect the environment, but they are the source of nutrients to increase soil productivity.


In addition, much of the phosphate extracte in the world is extracte through Surface mining techniques mining. However, Surface mining techniques mining affects topography and subsoil and has implications for the productive use of extracted lands, especially at this time when there is a high demand for habitable surface for other uses.

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